Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Stand up for your rights!"

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I don't know if "stand up for your rights" is a fitting title for this post. But whatever. I don't have much time but i really have to say what's on my mind right now. So..I just took out my braids this week and I honestly can't deal with the waste of time and money that I go through(the money part is my parents but w/e) to get my a little below shoulder length hair to get my hair braided. And the drama! oh the drama! I live in the U.S.A. where braiding costs $150 do the math-that's alot of mullah!. Thank God i usually only have to pay $80 coz I am African. But these people in the U.S. who do hair act like they are doing you a favor. They take forever, they are on the phone while they are doing it, you practically have to beg and do it according to their schedules. Which i can't deal with this CRAP anymore. And I had a big fallout with relaxers I think 5 yrs ago.where I started from zero with my hair. I was actually in Kenya when I did the big chop and started on this braids journey that I have been on ever since.
So I have decided to go NATURAL-completely no braids nothing just maybe twists outs or twists or braiding my own natural hair. And I am sticking with it. I have found great inspiration from natural hair bloggers on youtube and even a kenyan chic on blogspot. So i am going to do this! Some of you may ask. WHy is this such a big deal? why is it like seem like a milestone to me?

Well let me explain it to you. I live in America! Where most black women and society as well consider natural hair NAPPY/disgusting. I don't even know how my friends will take it. But I don't care .This is not about them. This is about me. I am tired of braids. I want to embrace the REAL me! the real hair GOD gave me! And I don't care what anyone says. 

So let me explain this hair drama I have. was sold on the idea of dreadlocks-they are easy to take care of after u get them set in. Maybe some like the one in the picture above. So i tell my parents about it. and they say yes. Later when i tell them about the appointment I made. My mom is like "dreadlocks I i didn't know you wanted dreadlocks!"No i don't want those kitangaris, looking like a chokora"so obviously my parents are biased about dreadlocks. My mom said she thought I was talking about twists. So after fuming with anger about my mom seemingly bi-polarness. I think twists-that's a great idea. So i twist my hair and well it's not that bad. So right now I just finished twisting my hair. I will untwist it tomorrow. and get the twist out look above.

Dreadlocks created with the two-strand twists ...Image via Wikipedia

 So on Monday I am supposed to call my Bro's friend who does locks and explain to her my mom was confused and when she said "yes", she really meant "hell no!". And convince her to twist my hair. Hopefully she'll say "yes". If not then I might have to just go back to braids. Honestly, I will try everything so that I don't have to go back But school opens in 1 week so I don't really have much time. And by the way, I also have a date with Martin on Wednesday so I REALLY don't have much time. and am also worried if i go through with this twist out thing. How will he react? Last time he saw me I had long flowing braided hair. now short not so flowing twisted hair. Anyway if he fell in love with my hair. Then i will just have to forget about him. If not then we might have a bright future ahead of us. 

signing off Mercy! and Plz readers try to comment on this one coz i would like to hear what u guys thoughts on natural hair are.

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  1. Natural hair is hard to maintain, mine is relaxed but I wear braids most of the time. I haven't totally given up on getting tidy dreadlocks either!

  2. i went through with it actually. I am in school now and i pretty much rotate between twists and just out naturally. But when i have it out naturally, i always wear it in ponytails b/c i don't know how to wear it down. But i try to switch it up and do stuff like wearing hair accessories and doing braid designs and stuff. but so far twists have been the easiest b/c i run and also i can wear them down or up. I really think the idea was really good though because braiding was starting to kill my edges, so i think i got out at the right time.

  3. i know most people think i looked better with braids including myself but i respect myself more for basically saying this is the real me, accept it or move on. i've gotten both criticisms and compliments so..yeah i don't think the majority of the world specifically the western world is ready for a natural black hair movement.


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