Sunday, November 25, 2012

What's LOVE without TRAGEDY?!

It seems clear to me that you feel the same way as I do. That you also have that longing to be in each others arms. Our lips reunited after an intense gaze into each others eyes, hearts, soul, mind, body, and spirit as one. But the lump in our throats stop us..because of the fear of losing each other to time, distance, and the world. Fear that we are both deluded in believing that we are meant to be. That this feeling we share isn't timeless but only conditional to our fears and desires. Fear to be alone. Fear to lose in the game of love. Fear of unfaithfulness. Fear of loss. Losing you to your lifestyle..of drugs, alcohol, and other women. Losing me to my principles of...sobriety, higher education, and other men. But we both know that these fears shouldn't matter, that our desire is stronger. In fact we can be stronger together and doesn't love conquer all? Or is the greater story of love about TRAGEDY? Like Romeo and Juliet are we destined to each other only after death. Is our love story of pain and anger or do we eventually find our light not after the tunnel but in this lifetime? It would be so much easier to answer these questions, if you only reached out to me. Stop hiding in yourself, in your shell of darkness and embrace my light that is slowly also turning into darkness. Hurry because my hope is diminishing and this story is looking more and more like a tragedy. But even forever isn't forever and maybe if God wills it,  we'll get it right in the next life. Until then, be safe and always keep our love in your heart as I will in mine.