Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So here it's 2:25 A.M. and it just dawned on me why I have abandoned, deserted etc. this blog. Well, I have always been a private person not only hiding things from others but most importantly hiding things from myself. This blog and all blogs remind me of journals where a person writes down their private thoughts, for some weird reason such as being an attention whore etc. So I realized this is my problem since the first time I had a diary. I would end up reading my journal entries for the previous year and antagonize myself wondering WTH had overcome me to write such stupidity and be preoccupied with such nonsense.

And this is the feeling I get when I look at this blog. It's almost a year since I started this thing and I feel haunted by these memories that have been made concrete on these virtual walls. Like I did to my past diary, I want to rip out these virtual pages and start over. Maybe to something that wiill distract me instead of cause me so much headache. So i've decided in my future post I will try to refrain from speaking about my personal issues and instead concentrate on what I set out to do: teach Kenyans in Kenya what American life is really about. So in the future expect to see blogs about the culture of fast cars, unhealthy food, race relations, traveling, dollars, Americanized Kenyans, and college life. I promise to post an obligatory blog in April when my college decisions are final. Until next time, cheerio!
-Mercy <3
Books I am in love with: In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez
Music I am in love with: Going in circles by Jasmine Sullivan

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