Thursday, November 4, 2010


So today was sectionals for our cross country team. where we compete to run for State championships. And so, I was extremely nervous because I felt I had tons of pressure because our coach had done the math and in order for us to win 1st place, the #5 runnner(moi) needed to come in top 13th. So the course is a horrible course and I am completely bored by it at this point since we've had like 5 meets there. Anyway, so my brother and his friend came for moral support which i felt would push me to do better.

So it was 1, 2, 3, gun shot. and i was off. I was in the top 15 at the beginning and I ran way faster than I have ran before but in the middle of the race I felt like giving up. Keep in mind it's like 60 degree weather running with cold air going into your lungs. I started getting stitches in my rib cage( like cramps) which I always get when i don't breathe at a regular pace. So , i push myself to breath better and as i pass my coach he says "ok Mercy u're doing great, this is the spot we need, hold the spot" and so I am going crazy like I can't let this girl next to me pass me. I push and push and pass a girl from Davidson High (my brothers' school). but then some girls from some other school pass me. So i am thinking OMG! I lost the spot even though I gave it my all. 
I look up at the time recording as i pass the finish line and see 23:36. so i know that at least I beat my personal record this year of 24:36 by a whole minute. so i don't feel so bad. But then i walk by my team mate's mom and she screams at me "GOOD JOB MERCY, YOU WON IT FOR US!". And i'm like how? and she tells me that the girls who passed me were not from our division so it doesn't count against us. So i was uberexcited inside but on the outside i felt like collapsing.
So the girls were first for our division and we are going to the State Championships. I even bought a shirt so I can remember this day always.

To relate this to Martin, as much as i am over him, i see him at every race since he runs for a private school nearby and he's a damn good runner. But anyway when I was running and felt like giving up, he screamed 'Go Mercy!" so, i felt like pushing and so when he was running i screamed for him too. I feel like this is a sign that we can at least be friendly towards each other instead of ignoring each other like usual. I don't think I want to be with him but if the opportunity arose, I think i would give him another chance. I'll fill you in later at what happens at State championships. 

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